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Appearances are Tricky

Since I had nothing to do (ha!), I decided to venture into the deep abyss and check out what is new in the world of make-up. Jumping jacks!! Just as I thought, it was nothing more than a life changing experience. Those of you who have known me since way back in the day may recall that I used to go the whole nine yards, but in an understated way. Now, I don't think it's possible to go as far as Stephany did on my face. Would I really ever be the kind of person that uses eyebrow wax daily? Could I dig down deep inside and dab primer for every artistic expression on my happily naked countenance, especially priming for eye-shadow? Oh, and that gold creme eye-shadow, when would I ever wear that? The completed masterpiece was so beautiful and made me want to stare at myself and never wash my face again. Where is a photographer when you need one?! And this is exactly why I stopped fiddling with the cosmetic alterations. However, after having fun with Stephany's creativity and intoxicating exhilaration, I know I can possibly have a balanced relationship with cosmetics. I just may be the next NeNe or Kim.

Watching my girls be thrilled to be in that section of the store forces me to examine my own resolutions of "beauty." The rebel in me is determined to defy the worldly definition of "beauty," or more, the ridiculous insanity here in the United States of America, in relation to "image." What is the significance of what someone wore to the Grammies or Academy Awards? I really liked the swan suit Björk wore several years ago. Ever since then, I have not paid much attention.

It really ticked me off to see that the Broncos AND the Nuggets changed their uniform colors. I have been perturbed to see that the more modern female volleyball uniforms include shorts instead of briefs. In my opinion, I thought this should have happened a long time before I was humiliated wearing those dark blue briefs.

Seeing a photo of me in those 70s/80s short shorts with the white piping around the edges and up the side. Apparently my sophisticated mother thought this was not a wise fashion choice back then. I was a kid at the time, so it didn't occur to me to wear them with tights. The folks I saw wearing them back then wore them the same way I did. Fashion and appearance are not my hobbies, nor have they ever been.

So the whole issue of modesty has reared its' ugly head in my household. Do you adhere to the philosophy of "I did it, so I can't tell my kids not to do it?" What kind of logic is that? Only in the States. Not really!! That phrase can probably be translated. No matter what part of the world, that logic is way whack!! Hypothetically, if a person chooses to walk into a polar bear habitat at the zoo, and lives to tell about it, but looses a leg and 3 fingers, is it wrong of that person to advise others not to try it? Is it sane or insane for parents and teachers to suggest that children not make the same mistakes they have made? Is there a person that has ever lived who wished they had not practiced modesty? I can just imagine someone saying, "Boy, I wish I had worn that bustier with my tight cat suit, backwards of course, so that the bustier could show through. I wish I had worn that to the clubs and danced my tuckus off!! My life would be so much better! And the world would definitely most likely be a better place."

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