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Leave God out of it? Really? Is that possible?

Something on Facebook got me thinking, and I just had to write about it.

So there was a recent poll on Facebook asking whether pollsters support same-sex marriage.  Yesterday there was approximately a whopping 1,300 for and 30 against, with 13 needing more information.  Today there are approximately 80,000 for, 3,900 against, and 740 needing more information.

What would some interpret this to mean?  One might think that this proposition is supported by a majority of United States citizens, since nearly half of this countries' citizens are on Facebook.

This poll does not include a proper, melting pot sampling to represent an “even” sampling of society.  If placed under an objective, candid microscope, this poll tells us that there is a group of folks who feel they should not rock the boat openly and publicly, showing love, inclusivity {Did I make up another word?  So fun!  Try it.}, and acceptance for everyone involved.

However, if this were an anonymous poll, the votes would be more authentic, with folks unabashedly voting the way their personal sense of morality and conscience leads.

I love and respect my homosexual family members and friends.  You all may think I do not know, but I do.  Though some think I am a goody-two-shoes, “religious” fanatic, I truly am a sinner, no better or worse than anyone, who has accepted God’s gracious gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, Who was given for everyone to receive, and accept.  I do not understand this Grace completely, but am trying to gain knowledge more.  Period.  I do not adhere to any propaganda, religious or secular.  I have, however, learned that the things expressed in the Holy Bible are not just words in a book.  It is a phenomenon beyond all comprehension worth studying and excavating.

The propaganda which took hold in the 1990s, of teaching “tolerance” to children, so that moral differences are more acceptable to younger generations, is the downfall, creating moral chaos in our country.  All for the cause of a ubiquitous definition of “FREEDOM” for all, outside of anything related to God.  How does a society continue to stand when morals and ethics become less integrity infused?

The standards which held our country high, and as a society, the world wished to emulate, are crumbling and unraveling the very foundation our country stood firm upon.  This is not merely an opinion, it is evident in the state of our economic, educational, social, corporate, etc. structures.

Inflation has exceeded what our budgets can handle, causing most middle class folks to pinch their pennies, spending less and opting for inexpensive products, no matter where they are manufactured or produced.  How does this support our country?  In this vain, how would same-sex marriage?

The threads are unraveling.  Unity in this country is in the process of unraveling increasingly so.  With the individualistic mindset of “taking care of me” or “gettin’ mine” first, does not lend much support to what is good for keeping the micro- or macro- community of the United States strong.  With standards changing after every generation, the world becomes less beauty-evidenced, bestowing hopelessness to the multitudes.

Just look at Sodom, Gomorrah (interesting article at http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/ancient/cultures/sodom_gomorrah_01.shtml) Rome, the mighty Egypt, the English monarchy {uh-oh - yes, I know you Great Brits don‘t take them seriously any longer}…history repeats its self.

Anyway, with so much of our reflected standards on the line, people need to vote what they truly believe their conscience tells them.  Even if your vote is not in proportion with what is popular, do not be afraid.  The future of this country rests on it.  And yes, we all have freedom of speech in the United States.  Speak up!  What are your thoughts?

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