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The Oprah Winfrey Show finale Partial Reaction

I’m sitting here in front of my television.  It’s 4:43 p.m.  I decided about 10 minutes ago to turn on the Oprah Winfrey Show finale.  She took a few minutes acknowledging Jesus as part of the reason why her show lasted 25 years.  The other reason was her “team.”  Ok, I'm glad I turned it on today. 

To which God, she asked in anticipation of the critics and controversy, is she referring?  What a blessing to hear a portion of her personal testimony and acknowledge which God she serves.  The One with the capital “G,” or, she actually said something like The “G-O-D,” that everyone knows deep inside, no matter what they choose to do.

She recited some names and words which refer to the Biblical God - the Alpha and Omega, Omnipotent, Omni-present, etc.

The God who is the voice that is our conscience, the quiet whisper that can turn into a brick wall falling on our heads, if we try to ignore Him.  How proud I am that she chose to acknowledge Him loud and clear. 

I didn’t want to watch the finale show because I thought the focus would be much different.  The same reason I chose to turn it off Monday and not to turn it on at all yesterday.  Thank you, Jesus! 

I know I have received countless insight, glimpses into many sociological and psychological, relational topics from watching her show over the years.  Oprah Winfrey most assuredly is an Educator.  She seems to be making a speech on how everyone should be going on after this show ends in a few minutes, for good.  She incites everyone to heed the call and serve. 

I love that she is telling viewers to go on in choosing to love, learn, validate (what a wonderful way to sum up the voices of even the hateful, murderous, ignorant fellow humans she has interviewed on her show!) and doing - ACTION.  Doing what that small voice whispers to us, the instructions of what to do.  Bringing things out into the light so we can deal with the things once hidden in darkness.

She just offered a personal email address to anyone to contact her.  She said she would try to answer as many as she possibly can, personally.  I can’t imagine that down to earth task she promises to attempt to keep at oprah@oprah.com

She mentioned how she has offered a prayer of gratitude and delight before every show.  It has been no coincidence that she got to be where and who she is today - she confesses that she believes her life to be a miracle.  She felt so embraced on the show through the support of viewers.  She says she was asked if this would be bitter-sweet, and her reply is that it all is sweet, no bitter.

“To God be the glory,” were her closing words on the show, then walked off the show, stopping several rows back to kiss and embrace her love, Stedman.  As a Paul Simon song, “25 Years” played.  Then the credits started to roll.  Footage of her bidding people good-byes through the Harpo halls.  Hugs and tears shared.

What a life!  Just think, we have that capacity.  The legacy we leave can be huge, if we let God work.  Allowing God to be God can be an extraordinary exercise.  Not so much when we choose to allow evil to use us as a vehicle, or do nothing at all.

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