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Fun fact Friday - Come on! Laugh!

One of my favorite things to do lately, as a parent, is to say something that makes no sense whatsoever, and immediately leave the room.  Now, I would not advise doing this while addressing an important matter.  It is fun to just shake things up a bit every once in a while.

This morning, one of my lil' peeps asked me for some card stock (not an abnormal occurrence in my household).  It was not intentional really, the way I responded.  I think this is how I discovered this phenomena...not on purpose, but just a simple slip of the tongue.  At my age, I have finally learned what it means to pick your battles.  Trying to make the correction after a hysterical incident sometimes is pointless.  To my perfectionist self I finally asked, "Why bother?!"

So, to the lil' one I sternly responded, "That's what you should be using your water for!"  Instead of water, I meant to say "money," of course.  But, as I left with the image of my other lil' one's face mentally photographed, it was enough.  She stood at the sink, frozen with the dish rag in one hand, and a plate in the other.  Her face was like one of those cartoons - stunned, mouth open.  From the other room, I heard both girls snicker, one saying a shocked, "WHAT?!!"  Priceless!

Just another reminder to remember to laugh each day - hopefully not at an inappropriate time, or at someone's expense, who is struggling.  More doctors should be prescribing laughter.  I actually was told by one doctor to stop laughing.  Can you imagine?  If you get a chance, Ken Davis has a great way of telling stories.  You can listen to "Lighten Up with Ken Davis" week days, on a radio station in your area.  Get your daily dose. 

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