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Can I blame it on ADD when it comes to award shows? Just can't help myself, but I get really bored with the bleeping/editing, finding it sad that it is necessary. It is hard for me to sit still not being able to relax and enjoy what could be a relaxing celebration. Yet I find myself wanting to see certain performances. Caught part of Mary J. Blige and Andrea Bocelli (enjoy them both). Curious about Travis Barker's performance with Eminem, Lil' Wayne & Drake...but gave up .

Then there's the ridiculous previews of movies, supposedly approved for ALL audiences. No really? Since when are those way too realistic special effects suitable for my four year old. Like the werewolf movie coming out and then there is another one but I don't recall the name of it because I keep having to change the channel since it creeps, even me, out.

Yet, I find it odd that the b-word has found its way into prime time programming, and now the a-word is joining the allowed profanity. Just a matter of time before the other words are found in the realm of family entertainment.

So what are we leaving for future generations in this "anything goes" world?

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