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A Sign

As we descended the stairs, I contemplated turning back to the warmth inside. Once at the car, I unlocked the driver side door, threw my purse in, and pressed the button to unlock the other doors. While waiting for my children to open their car doors, I tried to prepare myself for folding myself - my aged, stiff body - into the cold seat. But the other doors would not open. They were frozen shut. Something leapt within me...YAY!!! We can go back into the warmth and I can put my comfy lounge-wear on. Then, no! This could not be a sign, could it? I really wanted to see the folks I had thought about seeing for about a week now. There was a new person I was looking forward to seeing and officially meeting. It would be so bad of me to not go after saying that I would be there. Suggesting the most muddy option - and the thought of mud being smudged into my seat, almost caused me to re-neg - the children climbed over my seat into the back. Plopping into my seat and starting the engine, I could not believe I didn't suggest the option earlier.

What was the fear, or hesitation, reluctance (both nice words for "fear") about? Was getting a mud streak on my pants really all that bad? Was it worth the anxiety of making a good impression and showing up in a clean, put-together way, though I was running late? Isn't it funny how things go when we become parents? Life doesn't always go the "right" way, nor the way we know it would have if we were single and childless. But, with children, things certainly become a lot more interesting. With another person to share things with, things become more messy, and maybe even a little more spicy. Thank God for relationships and the amazing gift of being a parent!!

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