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Happy Valentine's Day, you mushy people!

Thoughts have been rushing through my mind today (nothing new).  Lots of  funny 1-liners, or so I thought.  Some  traits  and situations to attribute to  characters in my fiction.  Remember, as a kid, putting  Elmer’s glue on your hand, letting it dry, then peeling it off?  Would that have any age-defying affects if I used it on my face? I kept thinking that I should write them down, but none of them stuck for me to splat them on paper.  The illusion of my cleverness is unproven at this time.  But just you wait, you will be convinced someday.

While watching “Going the Distance,” I was so inspired to get back to my writing.  Not that I would recommend it - I don't recall the rating, but I would rate it "R" due to all the premarital copulation, and use of swear words.  However, one line from the movie was, “Just because I can hear you through the wall, does not mean I get to participate.”  I giggled at hearing it, though the context was a little shady (the context made it even funnier, in a totally fictitious since).

Don’t we all observe?  Do you ever actually observe something, then out of no where, engage yourself into another person’s life because of that observation?  For example, you see someone is unaware that their shirt tag is out, and you tell them so.  Or, toilet paper trails behind the shoe of some man in a suit, so you feel sorry for him and let him know about this possibly embarrassing predicament.  I thought that line from “Going the Distance” was so funny and genius.  Whenever I watch these romantic comedies, I feel like I am a voyeur, watching all these fictitious romances play out on a screen, almost convincing me that true love feeds the romantic system (which is almost as vital to life as the circulatory system). 

What is it about romance?  I try not to get my hopes up about Valentine’s Day, and being swept off my feet.  But sometimes, I just cannot help myself.  I had a boyfriend once who broke up with me on Valentine’s Day.  Ouch!!  And yet, I am still optimistic about that horrific day every year, carefully keeping my hopes in check.

“Julie and Julia” almost got me in tears.  I watched it again, and felt this inadequate  sensation throughout my being.  I could barely walk, and wanted so badly to do as Julie did.  Not the profanity part, just the part of finding something that would be a great goal, documenting the progress and going for it.  The journey between the present and the point of reaching the goal would be what inspires, as well as entertains fellow humans.  Uniting us.  Encouraging us.  Lifting us all onto some common higher level of being.  Connecting us. 

With all the social networks online, it is almost impossible to feel alone.  I guess, if you do not take the laptop into the bathroom with you, you could possibly feel alone for a few minutes.  But who does that?  Actually, I guess with technological advances, a cell phone can do the trick anywhere.

This brings me to a thought I just remembered I had yesterday.  The Body of Christ needs every member to engage.  Facebook and Twitter, etc. do not count.  Facebook, Twitter, etc., all are just tools in keeping us connected on a superficial level.  Keeping us updated , praying, crying, and laughing.  Actually, spending time together, authentically sharing the  true details of our lives, comforting  and loving one another with our presence, growing up in the Lord together, holding each other accountable, learning together, showing affection for one another, etc. are also important to our unification.

Ephesians 4:2 - 6
“2 Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.  3 Make every effort to keep the peace.  4There is one body and one Spirit - just as you were called to one hope when you were called - 5 one Lord, one faith, one baptism; 6one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.” NIV

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