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12 Ways to Help a Grinch

12.  Give money to any charity in their name, and tell them about it.
11.  Give them a card letting them know you made cookies, and knew that they would prefer they go to someone who appreciates them.
10.  Sing Christmas songs off key...they really appreciate that.
9.    Give them your Christmas wish list.
8.    Introduce them to someone named Rudolph.
7.    Put some brandy in their egg nog - at least one shot.
6.    Always approach them while wearing a fun Christmas sweater.
5.    Read every card you receive aloud to them from your desk.  Better call their extension and read it over the phone.
4.    Lay hands on their belly and pray that they feel the joy of Christmas.
3.    Tell your child that he/she is one of Santa's helpers.
2.    Better yet, have your child sit on his/her lap and recite their wish list.
1.    Scream "MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!" every time you see them and run the other way.

Best wishes for a delightful Christmas season!         

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