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A Super-Hero for the Season

Listening to a news program (I won't mention 20/20s name) last night, I was not surprised to hear that super-hero movies did not fare well this year in the box office.  Who exactly decides whether the box office is the authority in determining the best visual entertainment out there anyway?!  

Then I thought about the "Green Lantern" DVD awaiting me which I had rented.  Being among the many attempting to save money where ever I can, going to the movie theater to view a movie is a rare occurrence for me.  The price of a ticket most likely ends up going into my gas tank instead.  Enjoying a movie in the comfort of my own home, with popcorn fixed exactly the way I like it, a box of candy from the super market, and a cup of hot or cold chai, with the ability to pause the movie when bathroom breaks are necessary, etc. far out-ways spending such a ridiculous amount on a ticket at the theater.  Except for when I actually go out on a date...so I have heard.

I also got to thinking about how the super-hero story tends to be redundant.  Good always wins over evil, with maybe a cliffhanger leaving the option open for a sequel.  Who needs the reminder of the power of goodness now-a-days?  Isn't it always obvious in the tediousness of the daily grind?  Being hit with one crisis, emergency, health challenge, family feud, tragedy...after another, isn't hope within grasp?  Personally, I need the reminders. 

God is good.  He always has been, is, and will be.  Even when the devastating events seem to overwhelm us.  It is so hard to understand why He allows "bad" things to happen to "good" people, right?  This question tends to hender relationships we so desparately need between ourselves and our Heavenly Father - whether we acknowlege it or not.

Thank God for forgiveness, grace and mercy!  The hope that Jesus Christ, gives is what I celebrate this Christmas season.  He is the super-hero who never fails. 

I mourn with the many who lose and have lost loved ones, especially this time of year.  My heart breaks for all those suffering.  At the same time, I pray that the hope of knowing Jesus our Savior,  The Prince of Peace, Our very own personal SUPER-HERO, resides in you who anguish.  Lean on the Everlasting Arms, which give us strength in difficult times.

Those of us who are so blessed, remember to reach out to those who we know are struggling.  I know how it feels when someone just holds my hand or gives a hug when I get caught up in sadness.  Words are not always necessary.  Love is.

Jesus came because of God's love for us - God is Love!  Celebrate that love, and let His light shine in the darkness.  Every dark corner we can reach should be lit up this season, in honor of Jesus' birth.  May the peace that surpasses all understanding dwell in you this Christmas and throughout the New Year!  Be blessed and bless another!

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  1. enjoyed the laugh with your video. I think we sang something similar when I was in high school.

    And I'm with you . . . rarely pay for a movie out, usually enjoy it from my home.