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Clutter Garden

It has been driving me nuts lately. The clutter around here is very distracting and aggravating. I used to be a neat freak (yes Mom, there was a time when I actually threw things out) , but after having children who also acquired "stuff," there was a necessity to let things slide and to re-prioritize.

So now, I have committed to spending at least ten minutes a day de-cluttering. If only we had more space, there would be more room to put everything! Our home would be swimming with more floor space and carpet angels in every room.

Being "arts and crafts" minded causes some of the problem. There are a lot of things I have not gotten around to using yet, or have not worked on in a while, for lack of work space. The scrapbooks I planned to give my children when they grow up, need updating - there are over eight photo boxes of photos to go through dating back to 1999.

Recently, I just felt the need to buy some pastels and looked forward to experimenting with them. So on top of wanting to prune the excess, I want to exercise my right brain. The left side must be totally buff.


  1. Bethany,
    I have a HUGE box of unorganized photos dating back about 15 years. I won't even be able to figure out which cute little boy is the picture if I'm not careful. *sigh*

  2. Paula, I never understood the humor in a parent using the older children's pics in a younger child's scrapbook/album until my youngest came along. Where did the babyhood go? It went by way too quickly!